The American Prison System’s War on Reading in “Protean Magazine”

November 29, 2021 Critique & Essays This April, the Iowa Department of Corrections issued a ban on charities, family members, and other outside parties donating books to prisoners. Under the state’s new guidelines, incarcerated people can get books only from a handful of “approved vendors.” Used books are prohibited altogether, and any new reading material is subjectContinue reading “The American Prison System’s War on Reading in “Protean Magazine””

Visit Our Book Booth at Wintermarkt

Saturday, December 4, 11:00AM-4:00PM 6008 Kingsbury at Des Peres Aves. (Greg Freeman Park) Wintermarkt is an annual Skinker-Debaliviere outdoor crafts fair in the spirit of the holiday season. Visit our book booth and purchase a wide variety of books — children’s literature, novels, self-help, hobbies — at five books for a dollar or a donationContinue reading “Visit Our Book Booth at Wintermarkt”