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Missouri Prison Books is a St. Louis-based group that sends free books on request to incarcerated people in Missouri.

MPB formed in 2018 to fill the need for reading material inside prisons.  This is particularly acute in Missouri where few other organizations do similar work. While demand for books is high in prisons across the U.S., incarcerated people are barred from receiving books from individuals, and prison libraries are frequently under-resourced. Many prisoners lack money to buy reading material, are restricted from accessing Internet resources, and have few connections outside prison that can procure books for them.

MPB recognizes the present need and seeks to provide Missouri prisoners with reading material. We respond directly to individual prisoners’ book requests, free of charge, with the belief that access to quality books is a right for all.

We are affiliated with Subterranean Books in the University City Loop. We are entirely volunteer-staffed and donation-funded, and welcome contribution of books, time, or money (for postage, mailing supplies, and specific book purchases).

Please do contact us for more information on donating or volunteering.

Thank you so much.


Daphne, our mascot.

Contact Us

World Community Center
438 N. Skinker Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130

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